Life Coaching by shaye

“Life Coaching by Shaye” is an online life & health coach that is tailored to make you the best version of yourself, both mentally & physically.

We do not use generic templates or fad diets. We are a team of professionals that focus on your overall wellness.


My passion & calling is to help people become who they want to be, to take stock of their lives. Remember that in hard times, you must focus on what you already have, not what you do not have. Our journey will equip you with the ability to get you to where you want to be.

 I find that balance in life is important, and that includes interests (hobbies), sports (social and professional), qualifications (certified) and experience in the relevant fields. Me and my team have proven through certification as well as experience that we can provide you with the relevant knowledge and motivation, through an online platform, to bolster your life to new heights.

“Why online”? The first actionable step to take to your best “you”, is to show up! Being online, we make this easy, convenient and comfortable. Simply by reading this page means that you have taken the first step. The journey will get more challenging, and rewarding, from this point onwards.

something about me

My name is James Best – but you can call me Shaye! I changed my given birth name (from James) to the name that suits me, Shaye. This is who I chose to be, and I am here to help you choose who you want to be. We use our names daily, and, just like clothing, habits, careers and life-paths, it must feel right. We don’t have to change your name, but I am here to help you become the You that you always wanted to be.

I left home at an early age and joined the SADF (South Africa Defence Force). Here I learnt valuable life lessons. Physical lessons like “you are what you eat & drink”, social lessons such as working with a partner or team and the importance of motivation. Psychological lessons including confidence and decisiveness.

I left the army to go to the USA, and then the UK where my fitness journey began. I qualified and became a certified trainer in 1997. I returned to my home, Cape Town South Africa, in 2003 and opened my own gym. LBN (Look Better Naked) is my studio. Being a coach, you realise quickly that being better, being healthier and more holistic is not only physical, but mental too. I am here to guide you both physically and mentally.

Shaye Best

Our Focus


General guidance


Physical wellbeing


Goal setting


Personal Growth


Career direction


Future planning

Fields that we focus on

Fitness and Nutrition

  • Determine if you are on a beginner, intermediate or professional wellness level
  • Fitness and excercise plan
  • Nutrition and eating plan


  • Honest discussion of the people around you, including family, friends & colleagues
  • A look into your physical relationships or lack thereof, and how that affects you
  • The relationship with yourself, and if you are taking accountability


  • Are you in a job or career
  • Does what you do inspire you
  • How do we make Monday that you would like to wake up to?




The amount of genuine effort that you put in is equivalent to the amount of reward.

“Life Coaching by Shaye” gets you to move forward and reach your personal and professional goals. We do this through listening, encouraging and coaching, setting specific goals and milestones. We guide you up the ladder of success, and encourage you when there are setbacks. You will re-invent yourself and learn to love life again.

If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.

 Mary Kay Ash

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Dale Carnegie

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.

Jill McLemore

Do you need a life coach?

Do you feel lost?

Starting with a life coach will help you find direction and purpose

No clear plan

You may know where you want to be, but have no idea how to get there

Overall health

We focus on physical and mental strength and your ability

General de-motivation

We all go through times where team work will make us stronger

Our first session will primarily be to get to know you, thereafter we will be setting goals and doing evaluations of those goals. By purchasing 6 sessions, you will get the introduction session free



Life coaching can be a motivator and accelerator for your whole team.  Let’s explore how our team and your team can work together

let’s touch base.

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